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Youth Wrestling

Yo Bro Yo Girl

Committee Member and Sponsor

This is a very dear organization to the group.  This initiative keeps inner city youth off the street and away for the perils of gangs and violence.  This organization provides role models, leadership, a safe warm place for these kids to get together and much needed meals.  Some kids are found to go a whole day without a meal which is heartbreaking and something we can't stand for.   


James is a committee member and over the past two years helped to raise upwards of $450,000 for this amazing charity.  To us there is no better cause!


Lisa Malinousky
co-founder - seeking mentee

Our mentorship program is OPEN. We are looking for a budding entrepreneur with drive, personal ownership,  and no excuses!  Lisa will be making herself available to one young female in need of  entrepreneurial guidance.  The right candidate would have started a small business or have a strong business plan.


Send your resume and cover letter to with a description of you and why you feel you are the right fit.  It should be noted that we operate at a high level of excellence, ownership and accountability and expect that of our mentees. 

Real Estate Contract with Pen and Calculator
Statistic calculating

James Malinousky

Co founder 

James is looking for one young intern out of a real estate program, knowledgeable on pro-formas, excel software and deal flow analysis.  This intern will be tasked with updating his deal flow funnel and analysis model for the upcoming acquisition targets set for this year.  Personal excellence and ownership required!


Please forward resume and cover letter to  

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